So, what’s this all about?


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Isn’t that THE question that’s plagued humanity throughout time? Join in on this voyage toward finding the answer within ourselves. If I haven’t lost you yet, read on to see what this blog is all about!

This is the portion of my post that’s supposed to be dedicated to introducing myself, but I’m not always sure how to do that. I consider myself a health and wellness advocate above all else. I could also be described as a nature loving mother and wife with a fondness for delicious vegan/gluten free cuisine and what I’ll call a rather “dark” emotional past.

The thoughts and ideas posted here may not be for everyone. My writings are primarily directed toward those looking to create the life they want through emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. We’re talking healing, not just a bandaid. I aim to help soothe those suffering from anxiety and depression as I myself have struggled with this the majority of my life on earth. To those battling illness, I wish to offer my assistance by sharing the lifestyle and dietary changes I’ve made to move through my own challenging (yet life changing) illness.

The following are some of the topics I’ll be covering in future posts. Please feel free to make suggestions in the comment section!

  • Recipes and nutritional information (Vegan/Gluten free/Soy free/Processed sugar free)
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Tools I’ve used to improve my life and move through emotional    obstacles
  • Tips on overcoming illness
  • Stress reduction (naturally!)
  • Coping with fear
  • Plenty of “out of the box” perception based ideas

Let’s travel together toward bringing deeper meaning and intentionality to our lives. Through this I pursue a stronger connection to my inner source of knowledge and inspiration. Join me!


8 thoughts on “So, what’s this all about?

  1. Oh this is gonna be AWESOME Ruth. I will be a follower for sure. I really think you have found your niche and all that you have gone through brought you to this place on your path. Good Luck on this new part of your journey😊

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  2. I am so excited about this!!! Writing a blog is something I hoped you would eventually do because I know you’ve helped so many people already and are going to help so many more!


  3. Ruth, I knew you could do this! I’m so very proud of you and know that you will be helping so many people via your blog. I’m looking forward to reading this and trying some of your recipes. Your experiences in life all happened in order for you to share them with others, which will enlighten and encourage them. I love your down to earth way of writing. I love the woman you have become.


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