On Intuition and Following Your Truth

Intuition is something I hold in very high regard. Google defines it as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “quick and ready insight”. To me, intuition is a deep knowing, even without understanding how we know. It’s that feeling of “Definitely DO NOT do that.” without having an obvious reason.

We are all born deeply intuitive beings, if only we allow it. Trusting in our own truth is a vital component in becoming more in tune with this natural ability. Intuition never fails, but our judgment and reasoning can quickly cloud it. Confidence and trust in our inner knowing helps to clear the fog.

You might at this point be asking “What has this got to do with anything?” In my life, it has absolutely everything to do with everything! Connecting with our intuition is necessary for making the best choices that we can in order to move more smoothly into the lives we want. For example, I use my intuition for making all of my medical and dietary decisions. (Just a tip, doctors may give you a weird look when you tell them your decision is based off intuition. I know from experience. 😉 If something feels off or just not right I avoid it. And I avoid it not from fear as much as from knowing that my outcome will be much more in alignment with what I want if I listen to my truth. I gave up meat, dairy, and gluten because my intuition guided me, only to find out two weeks later that these foods were feeding a little known virus that had made me very ill.

Does that mean you should give up meat, dairy, and gluten? Not necessarily. This leads me to my next point. What’s good for one is not always best for all. We are all very different. From our genetics to the ways we perceive the world around us, we are all individuals. Thus, another reason why following our own intuition or truth is absolutely vital. No one can tell us what is right for us but ourselves!

I’m certainly not saying to stop doing research or gathering expert advice. But if we listen to our inner voice of truth we might be surprised to find the answers we already know! There is an abundance of conflicting information around every corner. Using our intuition is one way of sorting it out. (And a great way in my opinion!)

We must take time out to quiet our minds and listen for the truth. The subject doesn’t matter. We won’t get the answer if we don’t ask the question.

In a nutshell, our inner truth or intuition can be a valuable tool in moving towards our goals, whatever they may be. We must allow the tiny voice in us to grow. Trust that only you can make the choices that are important in creating the life you want. Live your truth!

I would love to hear you opinions on intuition. Feel free to share your own stories of when intuition has come in handy! 


4 thoughts on “On Intuition and Following Your Truth

  1. I to rely only on my intuition. It has always served me well and I didnt realuze when I was younger its what showed me the way many times. When I realized what it truly was I was and to this day am amazed at the exactness it bestows on my everyday life. Its like my constant companion and I always know truth because of it…..
    Ruth you are a terrific writer and your blog Ill look forward to daily now😊

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  2. Yes, intuition is a feeling, and the logical mind has no room to discover it. With freedom comes great discipline. Just like eating foods that not just nourish the body but the soul. The key is mindfulness. What if I told you there was space in between your thoughts where there is no thought? Would you believe me? Well, there is. All the answers you need are within you will never find it outside of yourself. When you dig deep and lose yourself that’s just the beginning of knowing who you truly are. Trust in the process and ask for guidance. Just ask and you shall receive. I believe Jesus quoted this. ❤

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