The way we feel matters, but likely not in the way we think. 

I’m going to begin with the one topic that’s unavoidable. It’s truly a great example. Perhaps you’re happy about the outcome of the election, or perhaps you’re deeply disturbed by it. Maybe you’re like me and feeling rather indifferent but are sensitive to the negativity that seems to be coming from all sides. Its absolutely okay to be feeling however we are, but if we aren’t pleased with how we’re feeling, there is another perspective. 
Our feelings are a truly amazing tool,  yet often under appreciated and misunderstood. Emotions stimulate growth, no matter which emotion we’re feeling. These emotions also show us whether or not we are in alignment with the infinite knowing that lives in each of us. When we feel happy, alive, excited, “pumped”, or “stoked” we are aligned with what our deeper selves are feeling. When we are upset, distressed, angry, or hating, we are not as strongly connected with that deeper knowing. It’s certainly normal to feel any of these (we’re human), but if we wish to feel differently or to feel better we can’t wait for something external to bring us into alignment. 
First we must decide that we aren’t satisfied with feeling less than aligned with our truth. If we don’t make this distinction its easier for us to stay the course we are already on. Once we realize that we want something else, we must try to think more broadly. For example, if I were upset about the election I could think “Okay. I’m really angry about this, but it is nice that I live in a country that allows me to say so openly. In other places I might be killed for disagreeing with my government. I’m glad I live where I do.” Then I might move on to other less heavy thoughts on the subject. “Politics are important to me and it’s nice that they are important to others, even if we have differing opinions.” 
If I’m not able to go to this easier feeling place on the topic at hand, it’s time to find another angle. Perhaps something like “Even though there seems to be a lot of anger and hate floating around right now, I have friends and family who love me and value my opinion.” might move me more into alignment. All it takes is a few lighter thoughts like these to take us to a better feeling place. 
Again, it’s really not a bad thing to be feeling anything we might feel at any time. Just know, we have a choice. We can stay the course of what we are feeling, with disregard to what our emotions are telling us, or if we are unsatisfied we can make the choice to go lighter, get higher, and be more open ended in our thoughts. Much love to all of you! Please remember the power you hold! ❤


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