Food as Tools

We’ve all heard of the people who eat whatever they want, drink like a fish, and live to be 100. At the same time there are many who do everything “right” and die in their 50’s. What’s the secret? How do these people differ? Their beliefs may have played a vital role in both situations. 
From a young age we’re all taught the things that are “good” and “bad” for us. We grow up believing too much junk food will rot our teeth, and an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what of those people who truly don’t believe that? The people who say “My grandfather smoked like a chimney and lived to be 95, and so will I.” and actually believe it? What about the fearful ones? Those who eat clean, workout, and won’t touch alcohol, all in fear that if they do they will cause irrevirsable damage? 
The beliefs these individuals hold is what separates them. Choosing to do something on a belief based in fear can not get us the results we want. We all have deep seeded beliefs that can be hard, if not impossible to overcome. (I always use “impossible” loosely.) This is where the use of tools comes in.
I look at my food as a tool. I know that at this point my mind holds many old beliefs that slow the allowing of my body’s innate ability to heal. It’s much easier for me to believe that eating (or not eating) certain foods will help my body to heal, than to continue eating the “poor” standard American diet and expect my body to heal, all the while watching the media and the world tell me otherwise. 
When we do the things we believe make us well, we get well. It all comes down to belief. I love the way I eat! It makes me feel great! I don’t do it out of fear, but of the promise that using these tools (foods) will help me continue to reach new levels of health and well being. 
So next time you sit down to eat that Big Mac, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, enjoy it happily (if you’re into that stuff) and understand it’s  beliefs that bring outcomes. Once you’ve finished, ask yourself how you’re feeling both physically and emotionally, and make changes accordingly. Remember food is not only fuel, but also a very useful tool. Are you using the tools for your needs? Much love to you, friends. ❤ 


3 thoughts on “Food as Tools

  1. great post, thanks. I believe the same thing as astrophysicists – that Energy always precedes Matter. That is exactly why -in my opinion 🙂 everyone has different responses to the same stimulus or food or environment or medicine…. It is the Energy behind everything that creates health or dis- ease. Energy pushes and pulls and dare I say “Attracts” matter. Enjoy your thoughts today, and thanks for giving me something to think about, so that I can better push some matter in a way more pleasing to me. have a great week my unknown friend, momentummikey 🙂

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  2. I totally agree with your words however when we eat foods that arent nourishing to our bodies we crave more of the yukky stuff because our bodies arent being satisfied. And when you DO eat foods that nourish you, your body is actually HAPPY because it feels good…..because not only are you feeding your body your Soul is also now involved in this nourishment. A GREAT blog. Thank-you


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