Vegan Gluten Free Lazy Pot Pie


I grew up eating frozen pot pies fairly often. Back when they still came in a metal pie pan and you actually baked them in the oven. My current diet doesn’t allow for most pre-made foods, so I had to come up with my own version. And well, I’m kind of a lazy cook. I’m also self taught and rather uneducated in the “ways” of cooking. So bear with me!! My family really enjoyed this recipe and I hope yours does too. This recipe is vegan, gluten free, soy free, corn free, and processed sugar free.





Vegan Gluten Free Lazy Pot Pie


Base Ingredients

4 medium potatoes

2 large carrots

1 small onion

1 garlic clove, minced

½ cup mushrooms

1 tsp seas salt

¼ tsp pepper

¼ tsp celery seed

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp garlic powder

½ tsp parsley

¼ tsp paprika

½ cup raw unsalted cashews, soaked (at least 2 hours)

½ tsp lemon juice

1 tsp tapioca starch

½ cup almond milk


Crust Top

1 cup oat flour

1 cup gluten free baking mix (I use Bob’s)

½ tsp sea salt

2 tbls olive oil

2 tbls coconut oil

½ cup water



  1. Cut veggies to desired size. Add all of them to pot. Add enough water just to cover the veggies.
  2. Add garlic, salt, pepper, celery seed, onion powder, garlic powder, parsley, paprika.
  3. Cook on medium heat until veggies are tender. Drain some water if there is a lot left. You don’t want it ti be too soupy when you add the cashew mixture! 
  4. In blender add cashews, water, lemon juice, tapioca starch, and almond milk. Blend well until smooth.
  5. Add blender mix to pot. Simmer until thickened a bit.
  6. Preheat oven to 350.
  7. In a mixing bowl add all crust ingredients.
  8. Roll out to desired thickness (should be the size of whatever casserole dish you are using.) Poke holes with a fork.
  9. Pour base into casserole dish.
  10. Gently place crust on top of casserole.
  11. Bake for 20-30 minutes depending on thickness of crust. Remove from oven and serve.



Vegan “Chicken” with Creamy Lemon-Garlic Sauce

We haven’t had our Chickpea tofu aka “chicken” in a while here. I was trying to think up something new for us and have been craving greens pretty badly today. Thus, this delicious creation was born! 
Since I have already posted my recipe for chickpea tofu I’ll just include a link instead of retyping it all out.

The only difference is that I shaped them to look like chicken breast cutlets instead of cutting them into strips before cooking. 
I placed the “chicken” over a bed of quinoa topped with fresh chopped greens, and drizzled with a creamy lemon-garlic sauce. (Recipe below) This recipe is vegan, gluten free, soy free, corn free, and processed sugar free. Hope you enjoy! 

Vegan chickpea “chicken” with creamy lemon-garlic sauce. 

Creamy Lemon-Garlic Sauce:

1 cup broth

1/2 cup chopped onion

2 TBLS raw unsalted cashews

2 TBLS olive oil

3 cloves garlic

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1 tsp honey or pure maple syrup

Juice from one lemon (I got 1/4th cup.)

1/4 cup water + 1 TBLS tapioca starch mixed in
***For the chickpea “chicken” recipe follow link. Shape into cutlets instead of cutting into strips before baking.
Other ingredients:

3 cups cooked quinoa

3 cups (or more) of your favorite salad greens, chopped

  1. Prepare chickpea “chicken” as described in above link.
  2. Put all sauce ingredients into small sauce pan, except lemon juice and water+tapioca starch mix.
  3. Simmer in pan on low-medium for 10 minutes. 
  4. Place in blender. Add lemon juice.
  5. Blend until creamy. Will be a bit “runny”
  6. Place back in sauce pan, adding the water+tapioca starch mixture.
  7. Heat on low stiring continuously until sauce thickens to desired consistency. 
  8. Place prepared quinoa on plate, add greens, then top with chickpea “chicken” (I cut mine first) then drizzle with sauce.
  9. Serve immediately and enjoy!!